About Us

The seed that grew Sitting On A Sofa was planted back in 2017 by 3 friends, whilst ironically sitting on a sofa!! Niki Brodie, a former Wallpaper magazine Fashion Editor, Lisa La Marca, an Account Director of many high profile companies and Karen To, who is a fashion and photography aficionado.

We were discussing the sheer amount of waste the fashion industry produced and talked about what they could do to help this situation. We felt that consumer habits were changing and that some people didn’t want to shop fast fashion, instead they wanted to invest in what they were purchasing as they felt emotionally attached and connected to what they were wearing. This, of course, would come with a high price tag as the quality and materials used are more expensive. Karen, is already a great believer in re-fashioning her wardrobe and already very successful in re-commercing, started a conversation about the possibility of recycling and reusing old luxury favourites and we all started to discuss what we could do to change people’s ways of shopping. With resale having a huge surge since 2015 and with sellers finding it more appealing to make money on up-cycling their clothes rather that just giving them to charity shops, we came up with a plan that would encompass our passion for fashion and help design a better future for the environment – by encouraging people to be more aware that pre-loved luxuries is the next go to and can help in the impact of lives. Small actions really can help make a big impact in the environment!

So at the beginning of 2018 we set up Sitting On A Sofa. We wanted to create a beautifully curated and visually appealing digital destination where individual sellers could recycle their pre-loved luxury and high-end high street fashion and accessories and making it more of an enjoyable experience for our members. We wanted it to be inclusive, not exclusive, and we also wanted to create a sustainable community where people can shop, but also get free style advice and ideas on ways to wear, thereby encouraging and helping members to build a more sustainable wardrobe and hence extending the life of clothing, as sustainability is an important driver within the fashion industry.

“ we want to help design a better future for the environment.”

Niki and Lisa will fore-front the company in London and Karen will invest in Sitting On A Sofa from Switzerland. Our mission is to source the most desirable products and be known for our quality.

We also wanted to give back to the industry and be sustainable in our approach so, we have chosen to collaborate with a charity called Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust. It supports and helps families in the UK fashion and textile industry. The charity supports children aged between 0-18 years. Giving grants for day-to-day items that may be needed such as buying a child’s uniform, essential study equipment or household items such as children’s bedding. There is also additional support available for families who have children with special needs and may need grants for respite, speech therapy and mobility equipment as an example. We are very proud to start working alongside FTCT as our chosen charity for this year.

So help us make a difference and enjoy your shopping experience with us at Sitting On A Sofa.